Some tips on how to avoid being a victim of Budol Budol

It seems that there have been several Budol Budol Gang incidents once again in the neighborhood — some even involving the actual household help.

Just to be safe, please see some tips we can offer. These tips are from when they try to hypnotize you in person or when they call your house.

1. What did our parents tell us when we were kids? Yes, DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS.

This is the best way to avoid being hypnotized and ordered what to do by Budol Budol Gang members. If you don’t talk to them, they won’t have a chance to victimize you.

When someone calls your house and tells you someone got into an accident and needs money, double-check with the said victim by calling their mobile phone or office number.

2. Walk away when you sense or hear something suspicious.

These people will amaze you with their stories so it is best to just walk away or put the phone down when they start talking about something that you don’t have any knowledge of.

Their usual modus is to mention familiar names or stories. If they ask how your grandchildren are and you don’t have grandchildren, just walk away and report the incident to your security guards. They will claim to be friends of your nephews and nieces too so be wary of their stories.

3. Don’t be greedy.
The gang members will try to say that they are in a current business deal and will ask for your help and will promise you commissions or other freebies. Do not believe them. You can’t get money THAT easily. Don’t let them blind you with money.

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4. Train your household helpers.
Describe to them what a normal Budol Budol house call would usually sound like so they will be warned.

Give them your office numbers aside from your mobile numbers only so they can call you at the office to double-check if they can’t reach you via your mobile phone.

There will be some who will pretend to be workers from utility companies just to gain access to your houses. Tell your relatives and household helpers not to let them in.

5. Report to security personnel.
Once you are in the safety of your house, call your village security guards immediately or your local police hotline.

Report what happened to you and describe to them the people who tried to victimize you.

6. Be aware of your surroundings.
Although not everyone around you is out to get your money and belongings, it is still best to treat everyone around you as possible Budol Budol Gang members or other evil individuals.

7. Get only trusted household helpers
Although we know how difficult it is to get good and trusted household helpers, it is still best to get cousins or relatives of former trusted nannies or maids.

If possible, require NBI or Police clearance. You can also take their photos so you can provide to authorities if ever something happens. This can also give fear in them since you have their photos.

The last incident we heard of, the yaya was part of the Budol Budol Gang.

You don’t have to say “hi” or answer all the questions hurled at you especially by strangers.

Remember, there are a lot of evil people out there. Let us not help them out by making it easier for them to get our hard-earned money.

Let us all be aware. Let us all be careful.

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