Some Ayala Alabang residents pushing for “No Bazaar Policy” inside the village

“No more bazaars inside the village.”

This was the call of several Ayala Alabang residents as they submitted a resolution to the Ayala Alabang Village Association concerning their opposition to the holding of bazaars inside the Muntinlupa village.

Please see resolution below:

WHEREAS, Ayala Alabang Village Association, Inc. (“AAVA”) was incorporated for the primary purpose of promoting and advancing the best interest, general welfare, prosperity, and of safeguarding the well-being of the owners, lessees, and occupants of Ayala Alabang Village (“AAV”);

WHEREAS, over the years, bazaars held in various locations in AAV have grown and continues to grow in frequency and in terms of area occupied, number of vendors, number of shoppers, and number of vehicles that enter AAV in relation to the Bazaars;

WHEREAS, the Bazaars have resulted and continue to result in (i) rampant violations of AAVA traffic regulations (e.g., illegal parking, over-speeding, etc.), (ii) massive traffic congestion at the gates to AAV that hinder residents’ free ingress and egress into and from AAV and cause unnecessary and grave inconvenience, (iii) serious security lapses associated with non-residents being able to enter the premises of AAV without careful screening due to the sheer volume of visitors’ vehicles, (iv) bona fide residents being excluded from the use of common areas in AAV (e.g., parking lot near the grocery) prior to, during and after the Bazaars, (v) peace and quiet in areas surrounding the Bazaars being recklessly sacrificed, (vi) forcible intrusion into the privacy of residents and exclusivity of AAV, and (vii) nuisance being suffered by the community in AAV (poor waste management, garbage disposal, noise, etc.), among other consequences;

WHEREAS, residents of AAV have, in the last few years, complained and protested against the continued holding of the Bazaars anywhere in AAV in view of the above, and made such complaints and protest known both to AAVA and the officials of Barangay Ayala Alabang;

WHEREAS, since the Bazaars compromise and undermine the best interest, general welfare and well-being of residents of AAV, and in light of residents of AAV having repeatedly complained and protested against the holding of the Bazaars, AAVA’s actions relating, and approvals thereby extended, to the holding of the Bazaars, including the allocation of AAVA resources to holding Bazaars, are beyond AAVA’s powers; and

WHEREAS, the undersigned members, with support from the undersigned residents of, AAVA have determined that the holding of the Bazaars anywhere in AAV should cease and be stopped and discontinued.

THEREFORE, BE IT, AS IT IS HEREBY, RESOLVED, that AAVA be, as it is hereby, deemed without authority to allow or permit Bazaars to be held anywhere in AAV, and consequently, all rules and regulations previously adopted by AAVA regarding permits, clearances and forms relating to the Bazaars be, as they are hereby, revoked and be deemed of no force and effect effective immediately;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the members of the Board of Governors, officers, employees, staff and agents of AAVA be, as each of them is hereby, informed of these resolutions, and directed to perform all necessary acts to implement the foregoing resolutions;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the undersigned members of AAVA will not ratify any resolutions of the Board of Governors that permit, contemplate or approve the holding of Bazaars, and any proxies that will not allow the undersigned members to express disapproval for any such resolutions, including the ratification thereof, will be deemed unauthorized by the undersigned members and of no force and effect; and

RESOLVED FURTHER, that these resolutions be published, as they are hereby authorized for publication, in AAVA News and any other media;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that any and all members of the Board of Governors, officers, employees, staff and agents of AAVA who will perform acts in violation or in contravention of these resolutions will be deemed to have breached their fiduciary duties and violated laws and will be held liable and accountable therefor; and

RESOLVED FINALLY, that these members’ resolutions may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which when executed and delivered shall constitute a duplicate original, and all counterparts together will constitute one set of resolutions duly adopted.

What do you guys think?

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2 Responses

  1. Hector says:

    I absolutely agree with this resolution. 25 years of bazaar events at cuenca has become a nuisance to both security n safety of cuenca resudents.

  2. j.b. says:

    we absolutl;y agree.

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