Shuttle 101: Do’s and Dont’s when riding the shuttle

Okay, so for all you who ride the shuttle service everyday to get to the office and back, here are some pointers that we advise you follow (and expect others to do so too) to make it a more pleasurable ride for you and your busmates:

1. Shower.

The shuttle will be packed and it would be great for the people sitting beside you (and the environment) if you smelled nice. The last thing someone wants sitting beside him is a skunk-smelling-brief case-holding individual. If your shirt also smells like it didn’t dry well, maybe you should change shirts before you leave the house.

2. Never cut in line.

This probably should be the first and major rule in shuttle riding. It’s been done to you before, admit it, but you were shy or passive enough not to tell the disrespectful fool to go to the back of the line.

C’mon, people woke up earlier than you (or at least got to the terminal earlier) so know your place in the line. For us, these fools should be stoned to death.

If the line readjusts or moves, keep the order. Respect the other people in front of you. Wag manlamang!

3. Don’t smoke while in line.

If you like nicotine, other people don’t. Again, respect the people beside you. Even if you blow the smoke above you, people around you can still smell the smoke. They will smell it on your clothes too.

Maybe you can step aside. Tell the person behind you to hold your place. Then smoke in a secluded place.

4. Sit properly.

It’s given that operators/drivers will maximize the space in their vehicles and you’ll be like sardines but maybe you can stop spreading your legs.

Remember, people paid the same rate as you. Or compromise. Alternate legs, go in and out or whatever works for you and your seatmates.

5. Don’t play your music too loud.

That’s why you have earphones. Your music should be privy to you. Not everyone digs Charice Pempengco, okay? Some people want to sleep too (those that woke up early to get to the terminal).

6. Cover your mouth when you cough.

The shuttle is a small place. Don’t spread the virus. Aside from it not looking nice, it is just purely disrespectful (again, this word). Keep your sickness to yourself.

7. Speak softly when on the phone and put your phones on silent mode.

Other passengers don’t need to know what you’re having for dinner or where you’re going to have lunch OR what’s the latest on that telenovela.

Treat the shuttle like a cinema. Silence your phones. There’s a vibrate mode, you know? Don’t wake the other passengers up.

8. Refrain from paying large bills.

Be considerate to the ones collecting money. Buy something first before going to the terminal. Yes, they may have change for your money but after giving all their change to you, what’s left of their money? How about the change for other?  And it also takes time to change large bills. Everyone wants to get moving now.

9. Pick your spot.

If you know you’re going down first, try sitting near the door. It’s easier for you and easier on everybody else. It’s okay to ask the other passengers where they’re going down. Better to be nosy than to be hated for letting everyone go down just so you can go down on your stop.

10. Respect other peoples’ spaces

Watch your elbows. A general rule is for your bags and other body parts not to stray from your shoulders. Your shoulders are your perimeters. Keep your other body parts and belongings inside them (unless you’re overweight and paid for two passengers).

Please also avoid leaning on your seatmate when you fall asleep. That’s just purely annoying and again, disrespectful.

11. Lock the doors.

It pays to be always safe. You’ll never know, someone might try to open the door and pull a fast one on you guys.

Whoever is nearest to the lock (if it’s not power locks) is responsible for locking once the vehicle is on the move. This person is also in-charge of opening (sometimes closing) the door. It is ideal for the person who went down to close the door behind him/her.


It’s all about respect. Respect begets respect. If we’re all considerate and polite enough to all the other passengers then the ride would be more relaxing. Hey, that’s that main reason why you ride in the shuttle, right? For its comfort and convenience. Let us all make it comfortable and convenient for everyone as well.

We hope that these tips, observations and suggestions help everyone to have the best shuttle rides from now on.

Ride safely!

Pass this around:)

Edited (January 13, 2011)

There’s a woman who lets their maid line up for her then when she gets to the terminal she automatically is in front of the line.

Tsk tsk.

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  1. Kristine Dalpatan says:

    I so love this! I ride the shuttle to and from work every single day and I was planning to write a blog with very similar content but you already made one! Many, many thanks. I’ll definitely share this. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kristine! Write yours still! Then we’ll post it here:)

  3. Rei says:

    Read and liked your ideas. Keep it up dude!

  4. donji says:

    Can we let those over 200 pounds pay double?

  5. donji says:

    Also, if you feel hot or if it’s traffic, maybe you can keep it to yourself. Refrain from voicing out, “ANG INIT!”, “TSK, ANG TRAFFIC NAMAN!”.

    No one’s paying attention to you. What do you want to achieve, a Welga inside the service?!