Paranaque receives high marks in DILG-Ateneo Citizen Service Satisfaction survey

PARAÑAQUE City Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez has credited the overall support and cooperation between the people and the local officials as the main reasons why the city government obtained high marks in almost every area of services in the recently concluded survey conducted by the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Ateneo de Manila School of Government.
The survey dubbed citizen satisfaction index system which started last year and concluded onJanuary 15 this year, was primarily conceptualized to determine and measure the degree of satisfaction by the people on various programs and services being provided to them by the city government.
To obtain the best possible results, the survey uses Kish Grid system and had a pilot testing in San Juan City three years ago before being fully implemented nationwide the following year including all the cities in Metro Manila.
Alvin del Castillo of Ateneo who explained the details of the survey said the interviews were conducted on the standard 150 household respondents from Districts 1 and 2 using a multi-stage probability sampling method.
After all the results were collated, the respondents gave the city government “very high” scores on key programs and services especially in health services , support to education, social welfare , governance and response as well as public works and infrastructure.
It also fared well in environmental management while receiving slightly high approval scores in agricultural support and tourism promotion.
When contextualized, the city government received a “definitely satisfied” 65 percent approval rating as far as the citizens’ overall satisfaction is concerned.
When the respondents were asked whether they will stay in the city or transfer in the next five years, 114 of the respondents or equivalent 76 per cent said that they would choose to stay in the city.
Mayor Olivarez noted that the decision of majority of those surveyed to remain in the next five years strongly indicated that the residents were definitely satisfied with the way the city government is providing services and programs on them.
He also stressed that despite the high approval marks, they would use the results and recommendations given by the DILG and Ateneo representatives to further improve the kind of job that they are doing.
“There is no room for complacency in public service and I am thankful to both the DILG and Ateneo for providing us relevant facts and data which we can use as a roadmap to further improve the kind of service that we are giving to our people” he explained.

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