Parañaque mayor orders city health office to guard against illegal Covid-19 vaccinations in the city

Monitor clinics in the city for possible Covid-19 vaccine smuggling.

This was the directive issued by Parañaque Mayor Edwin Olivarez yesterday as he ordered the city health office to check clinics in the city for illegal Covid-19 vaccinations.

In an interview, the mayor said that since these vaccines have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health, they are considered “smuggled” and illegal.

“We will not allow smuggled vaccines in the city,” exclaimed Olivarez, adding that anyone caught using these illegal vaccines will be charged and penalized accordingly.

Medical facilities and the like that are caught going against the mayor’s directive will be shut down.

In another news, the city has set aside P250 million for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines for constituents as they plan to target some 100,000 residents a month with the vaccine.

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