Number Coding in Las Pinas, case to case basis

That’s what the Las Pinas Traffic Office told Alabang Bulletin last week when we placed a call to ask about this very confusing matter.

It can be recalled that several residents approached us to ask whether having a Friendship Route sticker exempts them from the city number coding.

A lot of residents with the shortcut stickers said that traffic enforcers usually let them pass and don’t apprehend them when they see that their vehicles have the Friendship Route stickers.

When Alabang Bulletin asked two traffic enforcers stationed along the Philam Village portion of Alabang-Zapote Road, the two said that there was no official order from City Hall but that yes, vehicles with stickers are exempted from the number coding.

The city traffic office on the other hand said that it depends on the apprehending officer.

“Pag may sticker kayo at hulihin kayo, pwede naman pakiusapan ang apprehending enforcer at sabihin na taga-Las Pinas kayo,” said the traffic office personnel.

Other residents said that this could be a way for Las Pinas to prioritize their own constituents.

We still don’t know why there is no official proclamation regarding this matter but we have been waiting for a reply from the Las Pinas Public Information Office for two months now.

Still no reply about this subject.

Although seemingly unfair to non-residents of the city, Las Pinas residents who possess the much-coveted Friendship Route stickers are lucky.

But we are still waiting for a formal declaration regarding this.

In the mean time, enjoy the so-called exemption, Las Pinas folks.

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  1. Rex says:

    I don’t really care if LP residents get these perks. What pisses me off are the traffic enforcers stationed at daang hari. I know part of daang hari is LP. But it’s still ridiculous that they’re apprehending vehicles that are passing by daang hari who most probably came from Muntinlupa and are headed to Cavite. Why do you think we have number coding? It’s to reduce the volume of vehicles in the metro during weekdays. And Daang Hari is not exactly the most congested part of LP. They’re obviously just trying to score some extra bucks from scared mororists. If they really want to catch motorists that are contributing to the congestion in LP, they should just stay along Alabang-Zapote road.

  2. Ace says:

    you’re right about that daang hari “check point”.

    at one instance, around noontime, I was grappling through a vehicle gridlock turning left into BF Homes coming from SM Southmall (in front of Toyota Alabang); there was no traffic marshall. but just a few meters away, there were two LP traffic enforcers busy apprehending number code violators driving in from the Muntinlupa side.

    at that moment I, in fact, went on and drove by them and directly asked “mas importante ba sa inyo na mang-huli ng number coding dito samantalang mas kailangan kayo duon sa harap ng Toyota?” the speechless traffic enforcer made a nervous grin, shrugged his shoulders, and walked away pretending not to understand me.

    • you did the right thing. people should voice out their views regarding what they think are wrong. better yet, next time take pictures of the traffic enforcers then email the picture to us so we can post their beautiful faces here.