No more late night “videoke-ing” in Makati; Are we next? Posted at 06/22/2011 3:59 PM |

MANILA, Philippines – The Makati City government is regulating the use of the popular Filipino pastime videoke and similar amplified audio devices in the city’s residential areas to minimize noise pollution.

Through City Ordinance No. 2011-019 signed by Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay, residents are not allowed to cause “excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud sound” within residences and on the streets, which “annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, health, peace or safety of others within the city.”

The latter includes the “operating, playing or permitting the operation or playing of any radio, cd player, television sets, amplified musical instrument, drums, loudspeaker, videoke or karaoke system, or other sound producing device in such manner or with such volume so as to annoy the quiet and comfort of a reasonable person of normal sensitivities in any dwelling or residence; or with louder volume than is necessary for convenient hearing of the persons who are in the place in which such device is operated.”

It allows residents to use the systems on the street within “acceptable” limits from Monday to Sunday until midnight only.

The residents should file an application for permit with the barangay chief 5 days before the actual date of function.

The application should contain the following: the nature of the intended activity, the type of audio device to be used, the specific location where the device will be used, and the period of time during which the device will be operated.

Restricted areas include any location within 200 meters of a school or place of worship, during the hours of school or worship, or within 200 meters of any hospital or other institutions caring for the sick or infirm.

The systems should also be restricted in areas where it will pose serious hazard to the safety and comfort of pedestrians or motorists.

Barangay authorities, who will implement the ordinance, shall first issue a verbal order. If the violation is deemed excessive, they may already file charges.

Violators shall be penalized with a fine of P1, 000 or imprisonment of not more than six months, or both.

Binay said the ordinance seeks to protect Makati residents from serious discomfort and health hazards posed by the unregulated use of videokes, karaokes and amplified sound systems.

The ordinance was made after the city government noticed that videoke sessions had become a common sight in some residential areas around the city.

Binay added that loud videoke sessions have also caused disputes among neighbors

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  1. Igme says:

    Do you really meant Muntinlupa is next in implementing noise control ordinance. LOL! I don’t think so. With the current crop of local leaders, from Mayor down to Barangay Kagawads, it would be the miracle of the millennium. Why? That’s because these LGU officials have this program of lending ‘without fee’, tables, monobloc chairs and wide tents to these street parties which use full blast loud videoke. I live in Poblacion, Muntinlupa City and I can’t remember a week without these noisy videoke sessions in our neighborhood.

  2. Leah says:

    Yes, sobrang annoying ang mga videoke at karaoke dito sa Muntinlupa.