NGO willing to work with DSWD to help streetchildren

Alabang Bulletin received an email from the head of an NGO who read our article about the presence of streetchildren in the south.

Here is the email from the kind-hearted individual. We hope that more citizens are like them:

It seems to me that the begging on the streets will never end. Its been around since the begining of time.
DSWD has their hearts and minds in the right place but to give barangays and villages p50,000 to clear the streets of beggers does not help the indigent as there are to many to remove and where will they be placed, Jail?
We here at United Filipino Assistant Association have been feeding the Badjaos every Suday in the Las Pinas City area for over a year now. UFAA is now in the process of leasing land for 5 years in Quezon Province to relocate up to 100 families of Badjaos from your area. We intend to help them learn abc’s and basic math so they can enter school. Also UFAA will guide them in how to raise crops and livestock for their existance.
The Badjao leader in the Las Pinas are has agreed to relocate to the Quezon property with at least 40 families to start. They trust UFAA as we have been feeding, clothing and giving them slippers and medical assistant when we can.
We hope to be able to work with DSWD in the near future to accomplish these goals.
UFAA’s web page and e-mail are as follows:
thanks for your iterest in the Badjaos.
Dale Kinyon
United Filipino Assistant Association

If you know someone from the Social Welfare Departments of Muntinlupa, Las Pinas and Paranaque, maybe you can refer them to this group so we can help the streetchildren and their families to get relocated to another place where they will not cause danger to the public and to themselves.

Thank you very much, Mr. Kinson for your letter and for the work you’ve been doing for the less fortunate. Hopefully, we will see all the streets in Metro Manila clean and without streetchildren.

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