New carnapper modus; Read all about it here

These evil people just seem to come up with new things everyday.

It’s not enough that they just appear right on your driver side with a gun and ask for your car keys.

Now, they want to outsmart us too.

If you haven’t heard on your Facebook accounts yet, these lawless criminals are now resorting to a new modus operandi using a piece of paper and putting them at the back of cars.

According to a Facebook post (apparently confirmed by the police), these low lives stick a paper on your vehicle’s rear window while in the parking lot, wait for you to back up and notice the paper.

Once you go down your car to take the paper out of your rear window, someone will just enter your car and drive off with it and with all your precious possessions like your bag and whatever is inside your vehicle.

Okay, this might be a hoax or something that happened in another country but it pays to be vigilant.

The wisest thing to do here is to not pay attention to the paper stuck on your rear window (might be on the rear wipers) upon backing up and just take it out once you get to your house or your office or in a public place.

Also, always be aware of your surroundings. If not a paper at the back of your car or on your rear window, these hapless criminals will find ways to get your car from you so let us all be extra careful when outside.

Hope you can pass this on to all your friends.

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