Netizens chime in on “No Sticker, No Bike Entry” being employed by some villages

Netizens chime in on No Sticker, No Bike Entry policy of some villages

“Their village, their rules,” said one netizen.

“Why are they targeting bikes? They can’t bring out TV sets!” said another netizen.

Whether you are for or against the “No Sticker, No Bike Entry” policy of some villages in the south, the fact is still we need to follow the village rules and regulations, especially when it comes to security reasons.

We can argue that biking should be encouraged because one, it is good for the health and two, this can mean less cars on the road, so less traffic but again, the fact still remains, the guards of these villages will not give you a high five for being healthy and for contributing to less vehicle volume on the roads — they are just doing their jobs.

Either way, the premise of the rule is being questioned.

“Maybe they should let bikes pass through. It’s motorcycles they should be more wary of,” expressed one villager, who is also a biker.

BF Homes never used to be so strict when it comes to bikers entering their village but what most probably sparked this is when its neighbor Alabang Hills Village suddenly imposed that bikers from BF will no longer be allowed to enter their village.

News from sources revealed that AHVA is currently charging P200 for bike stickers while to counter this, BF Federation of Homeowner Associations, Inc. or BFFHAI is charging P150 to bikers who want to avail of the stickers.

Some people argued that some bikers, although they cannot really lift heavy stuff on their bikes should they steal something, act as look outs or monitor houses during the day before they strike at night.

“Stopping them in the gates enables the village CCTV to capture their images,” mentioned another villager, saying this will help in monitoring people coming in and out of villages.

Other netizens also quickly accused the village associations implementing this of being greedy and said they are just after the money from these stickers.

Another netizen appealed for leaner rules when it comes to bikers.

“Make the roads bicycle-friendly please. I’m from West Service Road and I use the inner BF Homes roads to avoid being hit by trucks and jeepneys (plus the pollution) when going to Alabang or Las Pinas,” explained the biker.

One more netizen revived the suggestion of giving out Village ID’s to residents while another one suggested bikes have a single sticker similar to Las Pinas City’s Friendship Sticker which will give them access to participating villages.

Many observed though that some security guards in BF Homes (Alabang Hills has always been strict) are not that strict and just let bikers pass through, especially if they see they are legit bikers, meaning they are in complete gears like gloves, helmets, etc.

So like any other new rule implemented by villages, let us see how this goes.

Feel free to give your two cents on this matter.


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4 Responses

  1. slivereign says:

    kaya matraffic sa metro manila e, puro EXCLUSIVE SUBDIVISION. Benta lang kasi ng benta gobyerno noon ng lupa, walang urban planning hindi nila naisip na dadami mga tao, bahay kotse, sagad pa sa kalye ang bahay walang ng sidewalk.

  2. Mikazuki Augus says:

    Presenting my Student ID /Company ID which was established inside the Village was not enough for the guard to let me pass?
    I used to pass here and some of the guards are biased if your in full gear they will let you pass sometimes they will salute you, but if your just wearing a Pambahay outfit , a simple shirt and short with your flipflops they will stop you and look on you from head toe. BIASED !! Beside as I said I’m studying /working in one of the schools inside BF does my ID are not sufficient enough to present that I’m a legit partly residence of BF. neither the less that this institution were paying their annual Association fee.

  3. Marlowe B. Marzan says:

    Wla kwenta yan Alabang Hills na yan passers-by lang by walking. Even that is not allowed. What the heck! What did I steal anything? Could you be an intelligent security enforcer. You could at least inspect my identity or check my bag perhaps is you suspect me as a robber. Very incosiderate. I walk the whole Tirona road. But at the end point of the guard house. That very inconsiderate security guard did not allow me to pass.

  4. Marlowe says:

    Very illogical policy. They should at least inspect the person instead than not allowing it to enter

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