NBI apologizes to Munti councilor for mistaking him for a drug suspect

National Bureau of Investigation agents on Wednesday offered an apology to a Muntinlupa city councilor, whom they thought  a drug suspect in February.

A team from the NBI’s reaction, arrests and interdiction division appeared before the city council members at the session hall to extend their “appeal for understanding,” acknowledging lapses on their part that led to the incident.

“We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Councilor Espeleta and his family for what we have put them through,” said Ross Jonathan Galicia, NBI-RAID chief. “We mean no harm and appeal for understanding.”

Galicia informed  the members of the city council that RAID agents were not used  with the area as they were searching down a wanted drug suspect. During the search, the agents faulted the councilor for the suspect.

“It would be unfair to (Councilor Espeleta and his family), it would be unfair to this Sanggunian, to the people of Muntinlupa City if we do not come here today and tell the truth about what happened that day,” the NBI agent said.

“Yes, we overstep boundaries. Yes, we overreact sometimes but always in the interest of the people we want to protect,” Galicia added.

Councilor Elmer Espeleta accepted the apology and admitted being moved by the gesture.

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