Muntinlupa City Hall explains delay in salaries of employees

Upon getting word from our dear readers about some Muntinlupa government employees still not receiving their salaries for the second half of July, we immediately got in touch with the Muntinlupa City Hall.

Via their Twitter account @MuntiOfficial, the city expressed their apologies for the delay and assured all affected employees that they are doing their best to fast-track the issuing of the delayed salaries.

“We are already arranging all the salaries of our public employees,” in a private message with the official Twitter account of Muntinlupa.

For example, in Ospital ng Muntinlupa, the City Hall reps said that they are fixing all the DTR’s and requirements for all the new employees “since we have a new administration in our city”.

They also added that they will discuss the matter with the OsMun administrator as soon as possible.

“Rest assured, the City of Muntinlupa is already doing some actions regarding this matter,” continued the Muntinlupa City reps.





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