Munti Smoke-Free Task Force records 1,504 apprehensions of smokers

A friendly reminder to residents and visitors in Muntinlupa City, smoking in public areas is penalized.

As of August 2018, Muntinlupa Smoke-Free Task Force (SFTF) recorded 1,504 individuals violating Muntinlupa City Ordinance No. 17-072 or the Comprehensive Smoke Free Ordinance of the City of Muntinlupa and confiscated 459 cigarette packs from ambulant vendors.

Violators caught smoking or vaping in public places were charged with a fine of P500 to P5,000 and two to 14 hours community service. Penalty tickets were given by members of SFTF.

Muntinlupa SFTF is composed of the City Health Office, PNP, Muntinlupa Traffic Management Bureau, Public Order and Safety Office, Public Information Office, among other local offices.

Muntinlupa City is one of the first cities in NCR to pass a local ordinance following President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order (EO) No. 26 or known as the Nationwide Smoking Ban.

A Department of Health (DOH) personnel pastes an anti-smoking sticker on a public utility bus’ windshield during the DOH’s no smoking campaign that aims to implemant a 100 percent smoke-free public utility vehicles and transport terminals in celebration of the No Smoking Month in Manila on June 17, 2010. AFP PHOTO/NOEL CELIS / AFP PHOTO / NOEL CELIS

Under Section 5a of Muntinlupa Ordinance No. 17-072, the use and distribution of cigarette and tobacco products are prohibited in the city.

Section 5. Prohibited Acts. – The following acts are declared unlawful and prohibited by this Ordinance:

a. Smoking or vaping in enclosed or partially enclosed public places, workplaces, public conveyances (whether mobile or stationary), except in Designated Smoking Areas duly approved and fully compliant with the requirements set by the City Health Office

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi continuously urges the public to quit smoking and said that the local government will place stricter implementation of the No Smoking ordinance in the coming weeks.

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