Las Pinas City starts business permit renewals

The Las Pinas City Government started the processing of applications for renewal of business permits and individual occupational mayor’s permits on January 02, 2012. The scheduled deadline for the renewal of the said permits is January 20, 2012.


At the forefront of the annual processing of business permits are the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO), the City Treasurer’s Office and the Electronic Data Processing Office (EDP).


On its second year now, the No Requirements – No Audit (NORA) scheme devised by the City can be availed by business taxpayers provided that they agree to pay an additional twenty percent (20%) on their previous tax payments with the City Treasurer’s Office.  By availing the said scheme, taxpayers are no longer required to present their requirements and could easily renew their business permits in a matter of minutes.  


Similarly, the city’s “one-stop-shop system” with a modernized queuing system in place in the business permits & licensing office (BPLO) ensures a three-step process in the renewal of business permits.  An “apply-pay-release” procedure is currently in effect and ensures a fast, streamlined and effective assessment and collection of business permits and license fees. 


Barangay Business Clearance Fees and the procurement of the Community Tax Certificates are also now incorporated in the assessment or schedule of fees to be paid by a business taxpayer.  As a result, a business taxpayer is no longer required to secure the said requirements saving yet their time.


A new-look business permit and individual occupational mayor’s permit are likewise now being issued by the City of Las Pinas.  Along with their security features and modern design, the permits are said to be at par with the City’s development and progress.


The requirements for business permits renewal are the following: 1) Accomplished application form for business registration/renewal now also made available online through ( 2) Audited Financial Statement for 2010; 2)VAT Returns/Percentage Returns for 2011; 3) Sales Breakdown with branches; 4)Identification Card of applicant and/or authorization letter for authorized representatives.


For individual occupational mayor’s permits, applicants must secure the mandatory imposed requirements: 1) Police or NBI Clearance; 2)Community Tax Certificate; 3)2×2 ID pictures; and 4)Examination Results depending on the nature of business applicant is employed.


To avoid the rush, we encourage the business sector to renew their business permits within the prescribed period and enjoy our speedy and convenient one-stop shop business permit renewal service.  They may enjoy more of other services we provide such as free coffee or juice, free WIFI internet service, and fully air-conditioned lounges while they wait.

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