How to protect yourselves from criminals this coming Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is just around the corner!

And with it comes…no, not hams, gifts and traffic (well, actually, yeah)—thieves!

PNP officials annually issue warnings to citizens asking them to be more cautious during this time because this is the time when criminals know a lot of people have money and that most people are just so happy and in a party mood that they forget to take care of their belongings.

Hence, these tips:

• Be aware of your surroundings at all times.Be alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic! Okay, not really. Just take care of your stuff.

• Don’t leave your bags and gadgets lying around. Even if you’re with friends, some people may take the opportunity and perform “salisi” acts. Keep the opening of your bags’ zippers in front of you. For men, put your wallets in your side/front pockets when shopping.

• Use your mobile phones discreetly and not as if waving it at anyone passing by you or tempting everyone to get your phone.

• Be wary of total strangers approaching you. Especially groups. One may just be distracting you while the others are already getting your belongings.

• Do not display or count or exchange money or possessions in public places. You never know who is watching you.

• Keep possessions secure at all times. Don’t leave important documents or valuables in light travel bags as these are the most likely to be snatched by criminals. Always put your bags on your laps and not on the ground or on chairs beside you. Better safe than sorry.

• If attacked and threatened with violence, just give up your wallet or mobile phone. Do not attempt to physically defend yourself or your property. This usually has bad outcomes.

• Report suspicious-looking people to the guard so the guard can observe these individuals.

• Keep a record of important contact details such as phone numbers for the local police, regional embassy, credit card company etc.

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