Basag Kotse Gang strikes in SM Sucat; Victim frustrated with lack of CCTV cameras in the parking area of the mall

“Incidents like this can be prevented if the malls have enough CCTV cameras and the security guards know their real duties.”

This was the sentiment of Basag Kotse victim Merle Empleo after finding her car being broken into via a broken passenger window and some of her things stolen in SM Sucat in Paranaque.

In an interview with Alabang Bulletin a couple of days after the incident, Empleo narrated that they parked by the outside area of the mall around 7 to 7:30pm.

At around 8 to 8:30pm, after finishing doing their grocery shopping, they discovered the rear window of their SUV to have been broken into.

She admitted that she had left a couple of bags inside the car because she had an event the next day and that she didn’t want to carry all of them inside the mall.

The car had tinted windows and was parked in a well-lighted area.

She felt even more frustrated when the guards could not assist her.

“Seems like they weren’t well-trained and they didn’t even know what to do when I asked for assistance,” Empleo told Alabang Bulletin.

The frustration even grew further when the guards informed her they did not have CCTV cameras by the area where she parked.

She also said that the guards would not have called the police if they didn’t insist as they just kept asking her what was taken and just stood by her car staring at her.

She mentioned that she just wanted to share to everyone that no car is secure even if shoppers go to a big mall like SM.


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