Good news to all Parañaque Homeowners

Okay, do residents really care whether it’s election time or not or do they just want to hear good news all the time? We don’t know if this has something to do with the elections but I’m sure a lot of people will still be happy with these updates.

Read on!

Republic of the Philippines


Office of the Mayor


Dear Fellow Homeowners,


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the latest initiatives of my administration towards delivering superior public service to improve the quality of life of the homeowners of Parañaque – one of the most unsung and under-appreciated sectors of our community, without whose support in the form of real estate and business taxes, the various projects of the local government would not be possible.


It is an unfortunate reality of political campaigns that disinformation spreads much more rapidly than the truth. Contrary to the lies that some of my detractors have been peddling, there has been NO INCREASE in either real estate taxes or business taxes. We are not insensitive to the plight of our homeowners and businessmen during the present crisis, and have in fact implemented a real estate tax amnesty to further ease their burden. Under this tax amnesty, all interests and surcharges have been waived on all such tax payments until the end of April 2010.

Once again – NO TAX INCREASES under my administration!


Probably the No.1 priority of my administration with regards to homeowners’ affairs has been leading the multi-sectoral cooperative effort to provide a regular and affordable supply of clean and potable water for the numerous residential subdivisions in Parañaque City. This has long been a campaign promise of politicians for over a decade now that has finally seen fruition only during our incumbency. With the support of concerned homeowners groups, we have been successful in our efforts to facilitate the entry of Maynilad water into our homes to provide clean and potable water on a regular basis and at a savings of up to 90% in some cases as compared to previous costs associated with water delivery services.

We are not resting on our laurels and continue to intercede with Maynilad to help find ways and means to further reduce our water bills and generally improve their services.


As you might probably be aware of, a common problem of all local government units in Metro Manila has been the lack of an adequate dumpsite that could satisfactorily accommodate the volume of garbage generated daily in our homes. Despite this handicap, my administration has managed to develop and operate a system to effectively collect and dispose of garbage in our city through a combination of garbage compactor trucks and better waste management systems.

In cooperation with our local barangay councils, we are conducting information drives on proper waste management, with particular emphasis on effective waste segregation and zero waste management.


The Parañaque police force has attained one of the highest crime solution efficiency rates in Metro Manila and is constantly striving to improve its professionalism and effectiveness. Yet, our local police are only one part of the city’s peace and order program. We are encouraging and initiating cooperative endeavors with the local barangay councils and homeowners associations to further improve our crime prevention efforts to help ensure the safety of our communities.


Under my administration, a Consultant on Homeowners Affairs has been tasked to be pro-active in its concern for our homeowners’ general welfare. As such, any and all complaints, requests and suggestions from Parañaque City homeowners may be coursed through Ms. Diana Quiros who may be reached at her office here in the City Hall or through telephone number 820-7783 local 118.

We acknowledge that your invaluable support in the form of real estate and business taxes makes the success of our administration and its countless programs and projects possible. It is therefore only fair that the local government do its share to ensure that the quality of your lives is enhanced in whatever way possible.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!


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No Responses

  1. zion says:

    hay nako mayor bernabe kasawa na kaya yang mga pangako mo, dapat yan matagal mo ng ginawa!
    puro salita wla k naman sa gawa!

  2. Suzanne delos Santos says:

    hmmmm… ganyan talaga yata kapag malapit na eleksyon… haha

    ilang araw na lang pala!!

  3. Mrs. Garcia says:

    Mr. Mayor,

    First I would like to commend your people in the Municipal hall for being so friendly and efficient. I was so impressed with how everyone would greet me whichever floor I am at. I was at your Municipal last year and this year and the great service has not changed, they are all consistent so KUDOS to you Mayor Bernabe!!!
    Now, since you have mentioned above on having NO INCREASE IN BUSINESS TAXES…. I would like to take advantage of this venue in bringing to your ATTENTION and beg that you really investigate on, and I am not sure how they were allowed to operate business, but I am alarmed on how most of the BARs in BF HOMES Parañaque don’t have Business Permits. I know this because 1 – when you ask for an Official Receipt after eating/drinking at those bars the attendants will honestly tell you that they don’t have an OR to issue; then 2 – to understand why they don’t issue OR, I inquired at your Munisipyo about CABOOZE Bar (just to name 1 and prove its true), and guess what? of course they are not listed in your Munisipyo and has no Business Permit.
    I am a concerned citizen of BF Homes Parañaque, disappointed with the violence and traffic caused by these BARs along Aguirre.
    Please prove that you WERE and you ARE still worth my vote. I don’t understand why your office could not control the office of JEREMY Marquez (Barangay BF)where in he is just the Barangay Captain and you are the CITY MAYOR? Rules and Regulations ran by your office is totally different or opposite of what Barangay BF implements.
    We, BF Homeowners, are challenging you and looking forward to what you can do with this concern.
    Thank you for your time.