Don’t get caught! Read the new traffic rules along SLEX here

Additional Information:

 • Speed Limit: 60-100 kph

• Overtaking Lane: Innermost Lane

• Overtaking Speed: 110kph; 120kph allowed within 30-60 seconds

• How over speeding is identified: via CCTV cameras/speed gun along

Alabang to Sto.Tomas

• How Tickets will be issued: at toll booths or thru Traffic Officers (flag

down) along SLEX. Driver’s license will be confiscated in exchange for a

Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) which is valid for 3 working days.

• Where to render/pay penalty: during office hours at LTO Quezon City –

East Avenue or LTO Region IV at Lipa, Batangas. Confiscated Driver’s

license will be turned over to LTO the following day.

• Traffic Information is provided thru Digital Variable Signages located at

Susana Heights and Sta. Rosa

• Reference Regulation: RA 4136-Traffic Code of the Philippines

• Emergency Assistance Nos.: CP No. 0908-880-7539

Landline No. (049) 508-7539

For further inquiries, pls contact Mr.Eli Beronio at local 2208 or thru email or

MATES at Tel. No. (049) 508-7539

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  1. Kit Domingo says:

    This news should be publish on national television to give awareness on the drivers who’s not aware on this new traffic rule. I always drive to slex going to Makati neither i do noy know this new traffic rules only i just read it in fb.