Dashcam video catches man snatching a cellphone from a woman inside a jeepney in Sucat Road

Beware of the Sucat cellphone snatcher!

Click on the photo below to see the whole video:

Screenshot from the dashcam video by Jesus S Matubis Jr. Click to see the whole video.

In a dashcam video uploaded by citizen Jesus S. Matubis Jr. last April 23, an unidentified individual was seen snatching a cellphone from a jeepney passenger along Sucat Road in Paranaque.

The man, walking casually by the jeep, suddenly reaches inside the jeepney from the side and runs off with a passenger’s mobile phone.

The victim, apparently a woman, avoids further harm by not going after the suspect.

In the post by Matubis, he said the incident happened around 11am in the morning just before Valley 1 Subdivision.

See screenshot of the suspect below:

A blown-up screenshot of the suspect done by Floyd Akamine

Matubis has given the Paranaque Police a copy of the dashcam video so they could investigate on the matter.

He added that there are currently more policemen visible along Sucat Road, “as promised by Paranaque Police chief Sr. Supt. Jemar Modequillo.”

“This is apart from the heightened watch by barangay tanods fielded by Barangay San Antonio chairman JR Delima Sanchez,” revealed Matubis.

Either way, let us all be vigilant.

Try not to use your mobile phones on public roads whether walking or on a jeepney unless it is an emergency.

Let us not tempt these hooligans further. Let’s starve them so they cannot ply their trade anywhere.

We also hope that with the video and the photo, the suspect is identified and brought to justice.

Please go to the Paranaque Police if you recognize the man’s face.

Let us all be careful.


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