Dance the heat away this summer with Dance Theatre Arts

Thee mission of Dance Theatre Arts is to nurture, encourage, and challenge students to achieve their potential for artistry and self-confidence through BALLET. DTA provide examinations and performance opportunities that assist students to develop technically and artistically. Students will demonstrate self-discipline, poise, self-esteem, and the ability to interact with others while working toward group goals.”

At the fifth floor of Waltermart,Makati can be found a studio founded by two equally inspiring teachers: Dr. Pamela Ortiz Bondoc, ACBA, and Mr.Brezhnev Larlar.

Dance Theatre Arts, which opened on April 1, 2009, boasts of already having 150 enrolled ballet students since its opening. The studio offers a selection of dance lessons and specializes in classical and modern ballet. With Dr. Bondoc, being an Associate of the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB), the studio follows the ACB curriculum in teaching ballet. The aim of the studio is to prepare its students to enter into college dance programs and possibly secure scholarships, dance professionally or just develop a lifetime love for the art of dance. To date, more than a dozen of its students are in La Salle Benilde, enjoying a college scholarship in the course they have chosen.

“We treat the students as our own children. We are adamant that they graduate from college so that whatever happens, they will have a fallback,” Dr. Bondoc and Larlar said.

Both are happy in the knowledge that the student’s parents have given them their trust not only in teaching their children to dance but also with regard to their children’s welfare

Dance Theatre Arts have adopted the Russian Based (Vaganova) method of teaching Ballet under the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, (ACB), of Ms. Christine Walsh, A.M. Their students have regularly taken the ACB examination with EXCELLENT Results. Some of these students were even given “Personal Scholarships and or Study Grants “by Ms. Walsh.

Both teachers are also using the Philippine National Ballet Syllabus, which is based on the Royal Academy in Dance (London), Cechetti (Italian) and Russian. This type of syllabus encompasses the teaching of classical ballet suited to the physique of the Filipino children, a syllabus that fast tracks the child’s learning without straining its body, and a syllabus for the child who needs to appreciate the rich blend of Asian and Western influences in their life.

Their dance curriculum includes regular technique classes in classical and contemporary ballet, modern, and jazz,. Additional instruction is provided in Pas de Deux classes, Character, Improvisation, Mime, Choreography, Creative Movements and Musical Theater.

Aside from ballet, they also offer Hiphop, Hawaiian, Tap Dancing, Musical Theater, Individual or group Musical Instruments classes, Visual Arts, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Gymnastics Body Conditioning, Belly Dancing, and Yoga,

“We train children in a carefully disciplined, professional environment, to ensure their proper development and maturity in their choice of Art.” added Dr. Pam and Brezhnev.

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