Complaint about incomplete street in LP

A message from a reader:

I’m from Golden Acres Subdivision, Talon 5, Las Piñas City.

I have a concern about the street, Ubas street, where our house stands. Ubas street is not finished upto our side. You need to do a reroute if you wanted to go to our place since the street/road itself is not finished, filled with grass/trees and worst, lived with few squatters .

I haven’t brought this up to our homeowner association since I do not know him/her.

I just simply wanted the road/street to be finished from end-to-end so that we can feel that we are part of the subdivision.

Editor’s Note:

We shall forward this to Las Pinas City Hall and see if they can come up with a solution to this.

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  1. The reader says:


    Thank you for your help. This is really appreciated. I hope this complaint will have a solution.

    Thanks again.