Beware of Ipit Taxi Gang in Paranaque

Please be careful when flagging down that taxi in Paranaque. Apparently, there’s a gang called the “Ipit Taxi Gang” going around the city and the nearby areas to victimize unsuspecting commuters.

The modus here is that once you ride the suspect’s taxi, he would then go to an arranged location where other members of their group is and then the companions would enter the taxi and divest everything that the passenger has.

Here is a more detailed summary of how this happens.

Good thing, elements of the Paranaque PNP and Barangay Moonwalk tanods were able to apprehend some members of the group recently after they robbed Estelita Caromales of her cash and other valuables.

Let us all make sure that we are careful when commuting and when getting a cab. What we can do is to text someone the plate number of the cab and also the name on the side of the taxi and let the cab driver know about this. Ask him the operator name of the cab or list the plate number down before entering.

No victims. No modus operandi. Let us all be careful.

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