Barangay Poblacion in Muntinlupa invites residents to public hearings about noise pollution ordinance

Noisy nights are not here to stay anymore in Barangay Poblacion in Muntinlupa City.

Barangay Poblacion residents are invited to attend several public hearings in relation to a Noise Pollution ordinance.

With a working label of Kautusang Pambarangay Blg. 04-2018, the act aims to limit the use of videoke machines or any other things that can cause noise pollution.

The main objective of the ordinance is to limit things that disturb the peace and quiet in the Muntinlupa barangay and determine violations and corresponding penalties that may arise.

The schedule of the public hearings is as follows:

June 22 – NHA Covered Court (9am)

June 23 – Itaas Elementary School (9am)

June 23 – Katarungan Covered Court (10:30am)

Be heard or hear about the new proposed ordinance in those venues and contribute to the anti-noise pollution in your neighborhood now.


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