Anti-Snatching/Pick-Pockets Tips for jeepney riders in Alabang-Zapote Road

First, you must be alert and always aware of your surroundings most specifically the passengers you are with.

According to some residents, these snatchers/pick pockets can be identified easily as they often wear jackets and baseball caps and have bags (backpacks) with them.

“They suspiciously look around the jeep and at the other passengers to look for a target,” said one commuter who was almost victimized.

A jeepney driver once told Alabang Bulletin that these hooligans usually ride from TS Cruz to Southmall and back and forth while looking for victims.

“One time, may nakasabay ako, sumakay sa may paradahan sa tapat ng SM Southmall. May backpack na nasa harap niya. Lahat ng makatabi niya dinudukutan niya,” said one commuter commenting on a YouTube video about Las Pinas snatchers.

Other witnesses to the crimes said that these pick pockets usually have bags that don’t have anything on them. They use the bags to hide their hands.


Some jeepney drivers actually already know the faces of these snatchers but are just afraid to report them to the police.

What is the Las Pinas Police doing?

They’re busy roaming around the villages looking for parked cars.

To avoid catching the eyes of these worthless scumbags, try to remove all your jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets and also watches).

Don’t wave around your mobile phones. Try not to use it when on a jeepney so as not to attract attention.

Be alert. Don’t sleep when riding a jeepney. Always look around you.

If worse comes to worst and you get victimized, don’t fight back. Life is more important than material possessions.

So let us all be careful and let us hope that these heartless criminals will be caught soon (or get beat up by cops or get run over by other jeepneys).

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