Alleged extortion by Paranaque ‘traffic enforcers’ caught on CCTV; Watch here.




Several traffic enforcers were caught on CCTV apparently extracting bribes from trucks in Paranaque City, GMA News’ “24 Oras” reported on Tuesday.


In the video shown, a traffic enforcer seemed to asked a truck driver for his license while sternly telling him off.


But the traffic enforcer hid the license under his ticket pad before returning the license to the driver, quickly dismissing him without issuing a ticket.


He then returned to two of his cohorts, giving a “hi-five” to one traffic enforcer and shaking the hand of another who appeared to slip something into his gloves after they touched hands.



Watch the video here:

paranaque kotong trucks

The same traffic enforcer apprehended another truck driver, who tried handing him something that didn’t appear to be his license.


The enforcer rejected the object, but readily accepted the license the driver handed in its place. The traffic enforcer repeated the same procedure as he did with the previous truck driver.


According to MMDA Public Concerns Chief Goddess Hope Libiran, traffic enforcers must issue tickets after asking for license.


Traffic enforcers are also forbidden from wearing clothing which would conceal their uniform during arrests.



For its part, the MMDA promised it would deliver suggestions and reports to Paranaque’s local government to prevent further incidents of extortion.

“Yung mga cameras namin, lagi nga naming sinasabi sa mga enforcers ng MMDA hindi yan nandiyan para takutin na mag-ingat sila sa mga ginagawa nila. Nilagay namin para maging reminder sa kanila na ‘wag silang gumawa ng kahit anong kalokohan,” Libiran said.


Despite the video evidence, the Paranaque Traffic Management Office head insisted that Traffic Enforcer II was not part of the force.


They added that they changed uniforms to prevent further incidents of kotong to occur in the area.


He advised drivers who are ordered to stop by uniforms to ask for the Paranaque TMO’s mission order to confirm the enforcer’s identity. —Rie Takumi/NB, GMA News

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