Alabang Bulletin readers react on “No Prescription/No Condom” ordinance in Barangay Ayala Alabang

Here are some reactions to the ordinance recently passed by Barangay Ayala Alabang from our Facebook and Twitter friends protecting the unborn children in the community:

the council is being influenced by the mater deis that power rrips in the village. sama na din ang mga taga st james. these people are too rich to care.

no, it’s not that, rich folks do care…rich folks also have the advantage of proper education and knowing when we are being fooled into false teaching being done by the church…the church is not powerful and god gave freedom of is up to us to decide what is good and what is evil…no one can judge us…it is between god and us…..there are no judges or jury in heaven…just GOD!!

Dear AAV c/o @alabangbulletin, the reason why there are streetchildren by the Madrigal gate is because their parents don’t know about RH. @kim_and_jackie

@alabangbulletin I dont agree. Cuz of that, teens would resort to unsafe sex. #AyalaAlabang @trubloodedpinay

honestly its the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard @martintheloz

daming reaction sa brgy.AA! Mga hndi taga-AA at mga hndi sexually active at mga walang sex life at partner! Ha! Ha! Ha! @ruledbywhims

Brgy. Ayala Alabang wtf?! needs Rx when buying a condom. i know it coz it’s a plastic and plastic is bawal na sa Munti :)) @alabangbulletin @gemsmolinar

ayala alabang = illegal to sell condoms without a prescription. WTF. government is full of IDIOTS. @rayj_umali

what a dumb ordinance! good luck enforcing it! @andrew_ds

Breastfeeding, like contraceptives, can also suppress ovulation and implantation. Why not call it “abortifacient” too? 🙂 @feannekitty

how annoying. When will people realize that contraceptives ? abortifacients… they ought to stop bandying that word about @feannekitty

How about you? What’s your reaction to this?

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