2am curfew in bars in BF. What’s your take on this?

If you’re busy enjoying while having drinks with your buds inside a bar in BF Homes Paranaque then the management asks you to leave at around 2am, don’t be surprised and don’t throw a fit. They’re just following orders from City Hall and the homeowners association.

According to some bar owners and regular bar-goers Alabang Bulletin talked to, the Paranaque City Hall and the United BF Homeowners Association, Inc. had asked all the bars in its jurisdiction to stop serving drinks after 2am.

This was due to several complaints filed by some homeowners who have been affected by the noise and the “chaos” that the bars have been causing inside the Paranaque village.

Of course, bar owners are not happy but they have been following the order.

So what is your take on this 2am curfew? Will this be good for the villagers of BF Homes? Will this hinder commerce in the area? Will investors steer clear of the village now?

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No Responses

  1. rick l. amador says:

    I think it’s reasonable to close by 2am. I don’t think the waiters are paid overtime anyway.After all, BF pque is still a residential community. Want to party, go to Alabang or Fort.

  2. Vlady de Ramos says:

    i also agree. BF paranaque is greatly a residential community. the bar owners should realize this and respect the rights of the residents.

  3. john p says:

    the 2am curfew is actually an old rule already. just an FYI

  4. angelo says:

    Yes. Bring back the old days where BF was safe and quiet. Also, no traffic.

  5. malmon says:

    maaga inom. maaga lasing. maaga uwi maaga gising. 🙂