5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Year’s South Arts Festival

1. South Arts Festival is now TWO DAYS.

On its third year, the festival will now run for TWO DAYS from March 23 to March 24 at the Filinvest Tent from 10am till 8pm.

South Arts Festival 2018 (Photo from South Arts Festival Facebook Page)

2. Entrance is FREEEEEE.

Anyone can go! There will be no lines to get in as there will be no collection of payment. Just go to Filinvest Tent and look around for your next art purchase!

“We encourage everyone to enjoy the art, and possibly bring some home,” said festival organizer JJ Duque.

(Photo from South Arts Festival Facebook Page)

3. Art will be EVERYWHERE.

There will be more than 50 booths with thousands of art works from more than 100 artists.

There will be booths in the main hall as well as in the al fresco area. Wow.

4. ATBP.

At iba pa! Yes kids, ATBP was the 80’s “etc.”

“Aside from the display, there will be art workshops, on-the-spot portraits and caricatures and also a talk on the relationship of art and interior design on both days,”.


Food and drinks will also be made available as The Filinvest Tent transforms into a colorful festival that will engage all your senses.

“We just keep getting bigger and better each year. It is encouraging  to see the growth of the art community in the South as new aspiring artists and renowned veterans showcase their works together in one venue,” explains South Arts Festival organizer JJ Duque.

(Photo from South Arts Festival Facebook Page)

“Definitely, we have a lot of individual artists exhibiting for the first time, and I’m proud that the South Arts Festival gives an opportunity for them to try to showcase and sell their art. It could be a painful lesson, but at least, they have the chance to participate alongside some big names in the art scene,” Duque adds.

Several more reasons to visit the festival are these participants, namely:

Eshi Shack Art Cafe
United Women Artists’ Association of the Philippines (UWAAP)
Art+ Magazine
Tampuhan Art Gallery
Pintakha Art Society
Cebu Artists’ Collective
Masining Artists
Stroke Art Magazine
Speediace Galleries
King x Ina
Castrillo Legacy Art Studio, Inc.
FEATI School of Fine Arts
White Walls Gallery
Gulizak Art Center
Artkai Gallery
Ang Komunidad
Life N’ Arts
Four Seasons
Visual Artists of Parañaque (VAP)
The Cabinet at Canterbury
Jas Ancheta Interiors
Quezon Artists’ Guild
Bastedor Art Project
Art Farm
Sam Penaso
Fitz Herrera
Norlie Meimban
Richard Buxani
Gio Lebajo
Janddie Castillo
Nelso Castillo
Nante Carandang
Paul Salazar
Lis Salazar
Cristina Alsol
Raeche Dacanay
Khristina Manansala
Nino Cris Odosis
Manuel Gamboa
Rachel Le Roux
Miko Delos Reyes
Manu Gallego San Pedro
Pauline Racho
Veron Versoza
JR Lodronio
Dennis Morante
Trixie Magsino
Pau Falcultila
Cam Cervantes
Mitzi Dara Ner
Gracey Viñas
Patricia Dy
Kunst Gallery
Yvette Floro
Edzon Dela Cruz
Marlon Mamungay
and many many more

South Arts Festival would like to thank its partners Hyper Ketchup Events Production, The Filinvest Tent, Cityneon, Don Papa Rum, Crimson Hotel, Art+ Magazine and Selecta.

For more information, visit their Facebook Page — South Arts Festival.


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