What’s happening with the PNP?

For the past few days (weeks? months?), a lot of policemen have been involved in crimes such as rape (right inside the police station!), kidnapping (this isn’t something new actually and a whole lot more of crimes!

Remember the hostage crisis?

Is it just us or is there something terribly wrong with how the bosses (whoever they are) are handling their men?

Yes we know that policement don’t make enough money that’s why they go on sidelines (being bodyguards and consultants in security agencies) but what’s up with their attitude of just going straight to doing crimes?

To serve and protect? Really?!


What happened to the time when Pinoys wanted to become policemen to protect the citizens of the country? Now, it seems that people want to become policemen so they can kotong their way into riches!

Okay, we’re not pointing our fingers at all police officers. There are still some who are true to what being a policeman is (apparently, they are now the ones being called “the bad eggs” inside the force) and should be.

What can be done here?

We don’t know. Again, maybe we just have to fend for ourselves. Just avoid being in trouble and also avoid dealing with policemen per se.

This is just a shame. Tsk tsk tsk.

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