Wet, not “White” Christmas in Muntinlupa


From mb.com

Many Muntinlupa residents face a bleak Christmas as parts of the city are still submerged in floodwaters after the country was pummeled by typhoons in the last two months. Many houses in the city along the Laguna Lake shoreline were completely destroyed, forcing residents to find apartments in other parts of Muntinlupa. This became a boon to property owners as apartments became in demand. However, residents complained that some owners jacked up the monthly rent since the owners knew that families had nowhere to go. Some families are now staying in apartments until floodwaters subside and they can now go back to their homes. Others whose houses were destroyed have decided to stay permanently in rented apartments. Many who decided to stay in their submerged houses have gotten used to riding in boats to go to work or school. During the height of the typhoons, thousands of families were sheltered in evacuation centers as floodwaters rose. Today, there are a number of families that are staying in schools. The Muntinlupa City government, which has worked double time since Typhoon Ondoy devastated the city, said assistance is being extended to these families. Recently, the Metro Manila Development Authority has deployed teams in Muntinlupa City to remove garbage from drainage and clear the Laguna Lake of water lilies. Authorities predicted that floodwaters in Muntinlupa will be completely gone by January next year.

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