Pque police warns of modus operandi victimizing the “rich”

Be careful when dining out or basically when you go out of your house.

The Paranaque Police recently picked up some members of a syndicate employing a not so new modus operandi.

What these low lives do is prey on unsuspecting citizens who “look and dress like they are rich”, according to one of the apprehended suspects.

Once they know their targets, the group will move in with their modus operandi.

According to the suspects caught, they will try to distract these hapless victims by knocking on glass windows of establishments, pointing at their cars, making noise nearby or some other way to distract the victims.

The suspects will then steal whatever available belongings the victims have left unattended.

When these victims go back to what they were doing prior to the disturbance, their belongings will be long gone.

As a warning, the Paranaque Police is asking everyone to be more aware of their surroundings and to always have their possessions close to them especially now that it’s the Holiday Season.

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