Manila on the list of not the most ideal places for driving

Manila was listed as one of 10 worst cities in the world to drive in.

According to, Manila along with Rome, Mumbai, Paris, Beijing, Seoul, and others were not ideal places for driving.

The site told drivers to expect in Manila triple-lane changes, failure to signal, and breezing through red lights.

It also advises drivers to beware of using the opposite lanes of traffic to get out of traffic jams, frantic honking, and making left turns from the far right lane.

All these plus terrible roads and bad signage makes for a terrible, terrible brew, according to MSN Autos’ Mark Atkinson.

Atkinson’s list of “nerve-wracking, pulse-raising and fear-inducing cities on the planet for motoring” include:

  • Manila, Philippines;
  • Rome, Italy,
  • Mumbai, India;
  • Athens, Greece;
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia;
  • Paris, France;
  • Beijing, China;
  • Orlando, Florida;
  • Seoul, South Korea, and
  • Toronto, Canada.

    Reasons for Manila’s infamous traffic situation

    The Automobile Association of the Philippines cited the following reasons for Manila’s infamous traffic situation:

  • lack of driver education;
  • poor traffic enforcement
  • poor infrastructure, and
  • lenient processing of drivers’ licenses.

    “Many drivers get their licenses without going through the test,” said Gus Lagman, President of the Automobile Association of the Philippines on “Saksi,” in a report of Chino Gaston.

    Meanwhile, the LTO admitted that the process is not perfect but said they have imposed stricter measures for testing applicants and vehicle inspection.

    “It is saddening that our city is said to be one of the worst cities to drive in the world, but we must understand that our drivers sometimes lack education. This is why we at the LTO continue to encourage our drivers on the road to learn. They should follow traffic rules not out of fear of getting caught but for everyone’s safety,” said Jayson Salvador, Chief of the LTO Public Assistance Information Unit. –VVP, GMANews.TV

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