LP Mayor wants everyone to be ready against fire

Las Piñas folk urged to adopt 24/7 fire prevention drive

Las Piñas City , M.M. – Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar enjoined city residents to make everyday a fire prevention day citing their active participation in ensuring that safety measures are strictly observed to save lives and property from incidence of fire.

Mayor Aguilar stressed that community involvement plays a significant part in fire deterrence and during emergency response operations.

He cited rare fire incidence in the city which spread was immediately contained with the quick response of the city fire personnel, due to full cooperation of volunteer fire brigade and the residents.

“Protection of lives and property must be our supreme consideration in any instance, especially in situations we can control,” Aguilar said, pointing out that prevention plays a vital role in avoiding danger.

The call was sounded off as he reminded the residents to be vigilant, like ensuring safe LPG tank and stove, and no overloading of power capacity or octopus connections to avoid short circuit.

Meanwhile, city fire marshal Chief Inspector Robert Pacis reported that a 24/7 fire safety preparedness is always in place, with only one area considered as fire hazard due to narrow alleys and the proximity of houses.

In case of water scarcity, a memorandum of agreement has been forged between the city and owners of water delivery services to augment the fire department’s water supply during fire response operation within their respective areas.

Large private subdivisions with strong water supply like BF Resort Village, Phil-Am Life Village and Pilar Village also agreed to have its swimming pool water used to supplement fire control.

As part of fire prevention measures, a composite team conducts regular inspection of residential and commercial and industrial areas to ensure no illegal electricity connections and safety requirements of the Building Code are strictly observed.

The mayor cautioned business owners and residents found violating the building standards of the full force of the law prescribed under the Building Code, stressing that life and safety must not be compromised.

The public is advised to call the fire department hotline 8731948 in case of any fire hazard or the police hot line 166 for immediate response. (END)

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