Las Pinas residents’ help eyed in clean elections

Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel ‘Nene’ Aguilar urged the people to help ensure the conduct of clean and peaceful elections on May 10 by being vigilant and fully exercising their right to vote.

Aguilar, running for re-election, made the call during a campaign rally in Barangay BF Int’l/CAA recently saying that the success of an electoral process lies greatly on the vigilance of the voters, especially now that the country will conduct the first-ever automated election system.

He told voters not to be intimated by the electronic voting process as he encourage them to get involved in the ongoing voter’s education seminars being conducted in all of the city’s 20 barangays.

“We must remember that you deserve no less but a kind of governance reflective of your hopes for a better life and your vigilance and cooperation are of utmost importance,” Aguilar told the crowd.

At the same time, Aguilar appealed to the mammoth crowd to support Nationalista Party standard bearer Manny Villar in his presidential bid for upright governance responsive to the aspirations of less privileged Filipinos for a better life.

Aguilar pointed out that Senator Villar has always been sincere in helping the people of Las Piñas, particularly in the city’s program on livelihood and the development of the depressed areas turning them into model communities.

Las Piñas, through Senator Villar’s bill, has made several areas into fully developed communities, with every deserving dweller has been awarded ownership of a house and lot under the community mortgage program.

The mayor also assured residents of expanded and continuous delivery of services such as free hospitalization program, free day-care up to college education, and the development of dressed areas. (END)

If we don’t allow politicians to buy our votes then we won’t be having problems with regard to corruption in elections. Let us spread the word. Let us not be influenced by money when it comes to voting. — Editor

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