How to make your homes burglar-free

By Penelope Endozo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:07:00 04/18/2011

MANILA, Philippines—Commercial establishments are warned to double their locks following a robbery in a Las Piñas computer shop on Sunday.

Owner Edgardo Aguilar Hans reported to the police that his EGA H Internet and Computer Shop along the Alabang-Zapote Road in Barangay Pamplona 1, lost P309,000 worth of gadgets, including 13 LCD monitors, 13 CPU units, and a CCTV camera that would have helped in identifying the robbers.

Initial police investigation led by Senior Police Officer 3 Aristotle Raquion showed that the robbers were able to cut through the bolt, chains and padlock of the shop’s roll-up door.

Hans said he closed his shop at 1 a.m. on Sunday with his helpers Ruel Tamor and Jose Bajamondi, but woke up at 6 a.m. on the same day, to discover the loss of his gadgets. Tamor was nowhere to be found.

The case is still under further investigation.

Here are ways on how to make your own homes safe from burglars especially in these dangerous times:

1. Have bright lights installed in and out of your house. Outside lights can be triggered by a timer. For instance, it will only turn on at night. Burglars are like vampires. They avoid light.

2. Leaving the TV on while you are out of your house for awhile can give an impression that someone is still home. Burglars will not risk breaking in an occupied home.

3. It is absolutely necessary to close and lock your doors and windows even when you will be out only for a few minutes.

4. Choose a secure and solid door. Don’t install doors with windows for a burglar to reach into locks. More locks and bolts on the door are always a good thing. A peephole is an excellent bonus.

5. Own an alert watchdog! They are always effective.

6. You can stick an NRA sticker (even if you don’t own any firearms) on your door or in any place very visible. INTIMIDATE!

7. Don’t leave your ladder lying around outside your house. Burglars may use it to climb high windows to enter your house.

8. For a couple of hundred dollars and a minimal monthly fee, you can have a monitor alarm system installed. With the system, you can secure your home and link it to law enforcement. It is not just the doors; sensors can be put on every window of your house.

9. Keep your yard tidy when you are on vacation. Get rid of all the garbage and empty the mailbox. Let trusted and close people know that you are out of town.

10. However, do not announce to every people you know that you will be out on a trip for a very long time. Don’t post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You are just luring criminals to burglarize your house.

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