Frightening carjacking incident inside BF Homes Paranaque Subdivision

Alabang Bulletin got wind of a horrifying story from some of our Twitter friends about a carjacking incident that occured inside BF Homes Subdivision last Friday night (Aug. 31).

According to our sources, the victim was driving his Mazda 3 (ZKW 748) along Elizalde Ave. (near Old Montesorri) with his windows down when two men (not sure whether they were on motorcycles or in cars) reportedly pointed their guns at him to force him to stop.

They asked the victim (will remain anonymous for security reasons) to step out of the car.

The men apparently kicked him out of his car then drove away with the vehicle.

The victim has reported the incident to the police but as of this writing no leads have been found.

In the victims tweet, he said that he is just glad that he is still alive and that only his car was taken.

Guys, these criminals fear no one anymore as evident in this carjacking incident inside a supposed exclusive village.

Does BF Homes even have a CCTV so that they can even track people who go in and out of their village?

Let us all be extra careful when driving around even if it’s inside villages. Criminals are everywhere. They strike when we least expect them to.

We hope the village security as well as the city police of Las Pinas and Paranaque adopt more measures to provide their constituents a safer community to live in.

Please report to authorities if you see the bluish silver Mazda 3 with plate number ZKW 748.

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