Complaint about jeepneys in Paranaque

We received another “sumbong” via our second Facebook account (add our account here!) about jeepneys plying their route in Paranaque.

Here it is:

Eunice Laput

October 11 at 3:59am

I want to ask where can i raise a complaint about jeepneys in sucat road not having headlights? Its alarming since they’re running fast and caming up from nowhere. and I’m having a hard time to drive.


This really is very alarming and dangerous for everyone. A pedestrian might not know that there is a jeep coming his way. A motorist making a U-Turn might miss that there’s an incoming jeep.

Who is in-charge of this? The MMDA? The local police? The local traffic team?

Whoever is responsible for this, we hope that Eunice’s complaint will not go unnoticed.

This is a very serious matter and we expect it to be treated seriously too.

Calling on…uhm…anyone?

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