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CCTV footage of Kagatan Incident in BF Concha Gate released

Click on the photo below to watch the CCTV footage acquired by ABS-CNB of what happened during the “Kagatan sa BF” incident a few days ago. Who was at fault? You be the judge.


(VIDEO) Biting incident in Las Pinas Friendship Gate takes the cake from all gate incidents in the area

If there was a Hall of Fame for Village Gate Incidents then this security guard and Las Pinas resident are automatic inductees. After the guard called the attention of the resident for having a...


MODUS ALERT: Be careful when entering BF Concha Cruz gate from Alabang-Zapote Road

They never stop. A friend posted about another possible case of a modus operandi targeting motorists entering BF coming from Alabang-Zapote Road. In his post to the Facebook group “We Are Determined To Make...


Get your FREE RFIDs in Alabang Town Center! Find out how and when here.

Keep up with the times and apply for RFID access right here in Town on March 14 & 16 from 11 am to 6 pm at the Activity Center! smile emoticon Customers may prepare...


What really happened to the BF “gate crasher”? A Barangay BF kagawad explains

You may have seen the photo (or photos). A lot of netizens weighed in on the photo, saying this was caused by the driver being drunk or the car experiencing Sudden Unintended Acceleration and...


No Sticker, No Entry? No problem; The continuing saga of the BF Gates Standoffs

Right or wrong? Legal or illegal? As if traffic along the major thoroughfares outside of our own beloved villages is not enough, there is a new addition to the sad game that is traffic....


Las Pinas City Hall announces photo contest winners

Las Piñas City announced the winners in its first photography contest showcasing the city’s “Tuluy-Tuloy na Serbisyo” program, which grand prize won by a 25-year-old resident. The winning photo captioned, “Tuluy-Tuloy ang Kalinisan”, with...


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ePass only until March – Skyway office

Notwithstanding another round of confusion, ePass owners will now only be allowed to use their devices until the end of March. Check out Skyway admin’s tweet below: No further details like what will happen...


11-yr-old from Las Piñas, first stray bullet fatality?

From An 11-year-old girl from Las Piñas who went out of their house to watch their neighbors’ fireworks display for the New Year died after being hit by a stray bullet. The police...