Call of Support from the Manresa Community

by Angela Ureta on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 1:18pm.?

Thank you for making time to read this note. As some of you have heard, our Mother Foundress — Blessed Candida Maria de Jesus — will be canonized on October 17. Our alma mater, Manresa School, plays a major role in promoting the canonization as it is tasked with raising funds for the media promotions and in sending a coverage team to Rome that will enable us all to view the canonization rites via live streaming. The alumni association is hoping to help raise funds for this purpose, eyeing a possible target of P20,000 (around US$450) per batch. This seems to be a small amount but since most of the alumni are scattered all over the globe, getting the word around and seeking contributions has become a real challenge.

I am not an officer of the alumni association. I haven’t even been to Manresa in over 20 years since I moved out of BF Homes. But I was recently “recalled” to help with the media campaign, while current alumni president Norman Bungubung (HS ’92) takes care of the live streaming. I am making this plea on my personal conviction that it is a cause worth supporting. Your few pesos or dollars can go a long way in helping make this ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT possible. Some of you are even parents with children in Manresa, so your children will also benefit from this experience. This is not just a school event, it is a LEGACY — one that comes with many wonderful memories. I know you will not close your hearts to this call for assistance. Let us give back to our alma mater, not just of what we have, but also of what we are.

If you do not have batch representatives in the alumni association, please send a message on Facebook to its current secretary MYLYNN BERMAS-BULAGA (0905)9130911 or president NORMAN BUNGUBUNG (0917)5366149 on how you can send your contributions. You can also contact me and I will try my best to help or at least to network. Rest assured that all donations will be properly documented and accounts will be transparent. I am also tagging the current MS principal Sr Lynn Falsis and alumni coordinator Sr Teresa Yasa on this note.

I make this appeal most especially to the graduates of the first two batches — ’81 and ’82 — we who remember life without internet, mobile phones, fax machines and video games (unless game and watch qualifies for that)… Let’s do this!

Maraming salamat sa inyong pagtulong!

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