Bernabe supports local inventor

Paranaque City Mayor Florencio Bernabe, Jr. has cleared the way for a local constituent-inventor to participate in the Virgin Earth Challenge, an urgent global call for a lasting solution to save the earth, by sponsoring his entry to the challenge where US$ 25 million awaits the winner.

The Virgin Earth Challenge was founded by the United Kingdom’s Virgin Brand mogul Sir Richard Branson and supported by famous environmentalists, former US Vice President Al Gore, among them. The Challenge was launched on September 2, 2007 and is now accepting entries until January 8, 2010.

The Virgin Earth Challenge offers a prize of US$25 million and a distinct page in world history to whoever can demonstrate to the judges’ satisfaction a commercially viable design or product that results in the successful mitigation or removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases and contribute materially to the stability of the earth’s climate and preserve its environment.

The local inventor is Engineer June A.Yasol, currently Paranaque City’s Alternative Energy consultant, who is credited with pioneering the practical application of Wind/Solar Hybrid Power Centralized Street lighting System which is now widely in use in the city.

Yasol’s entry to the Challenge is called Black Gold Saver –an  Electron Water to Nitrous Oxy-Hydrogen Fossil Fuel Enhancer, Booster-Saver and Emission Cleanser.

The invention is a plug-in device for any fossil-fueled car and machine users. It is designed as an on-board and on-demand combination of Nitrous Oxidizer for atmospheric intake air enhancement and an eWater to Oxy-Hydrogen Generator for fuel supplement to work for any engine’s combustion efficiency resulting in cleaner watery emissions, recycling oxygen in the air.

Yasol said an estimated  7.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases are produced annually worldwide mostly by fossil fuel-fed machines and an average 100 liters capacity per hour of the BlackGold Saver system stands to eliminate two metric tons of carbon equivalents in an hour of its operation. This is due to the resulting more efficient combustion, thus saving on fuel consumption by up to 50 per cent and recycling dirty  atmospheric air into water. The plug-in gadget is scalable to any required capacity from motorcycles to cars, buses and trucks, and any kind of fossil-fueled machines such as generators and heavy equipment, industrial power plants, and even ships and aircrafts.

He added that more than providing cleaner exhaust emissions and fuel saver, the device is expected to contribute heavily to mitigating global warming and climate change.

Mayor Bernabe, the project sponsor, who has transformed the once-sleepy city of Paranaque into a vibrant, livable city through his progressive and innovative leadership, expressed high hopes for Yasol’s Challenge entry and its eventual widespread adoption to help in minimizing, if not eliminating, the disastrous anthropogenic effects of fossil fuel-fed engines and machines.

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