Ayala Alabang Village issues tips for cat control inside village

The Ayala Alabang Village Association, through their weekly circular AAVA News gave some tips on how to control cats inside the village.

Here is their note:

There are residents who love cats, stray ones included. Some residents derive joy in feeding stray cats as a show of
compassion for the feline animals. Other residents dislike cats, more so the stray ones.

For those who complain against stray cats here are some tips to control them:

STEP 1 In your property, determine what factors attract stray cats, and reduce or eliminate such attractions. Observe what features repel cats and strengthen or expand those features.

STEP 2 Trim overgrown shrubs where cats love to rest, mate and sleep, or keep cool during hot summer days.

STEP 3 Cover your garden with chicken wire, the wire should fit around the plants, cover the base with mulch to
discourage cats from digging into the soft pulverized soil.

STEP 4 Observe if you have places that are elevated and the bottom is dry and cool that serves like decks where cats
love to snug in to rest or sleep. Cover such deck-like places.

STEP 5 For your own dogs and cats feed them indoors. Do not leave pet bowls outside that attract stray cats. Stray cats eat from your pet bowls when your dog is not around.

STEP 6 Cover with chicken wire your fountain where stray cats can drink. Do not leave outside the house the bowls of

STEP 7 Install motion-activated sprinklers in your yard. Cats do not like showers.

STEP 8 Your yard or fence may just be a short cut or access passage to the neighbouring property. Discourage the stray cats from crossing your property. Do not place outside your house any food or water bowls which stray cats may think it is for them. They will feel welcome.

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