Ayala Alabang residents decry proposed construction of barangay complex inside village

A group of concerned residents of Ayala Alabang Village wrote to us asking for help regarding their opposition to the construction of a barangay complex inside the village.

Here is the content of the letter they sent out to other homeowners of the Muntinlupa village:


P R O T E C T   O U R   V I L L A G E  ! ! !

January 2013


We want to let you know about the plan of the Barangay, without appropriate consultations and obtaining the approval of the majority of our homeowners, to construct a P 46 million 3-storey Barangay Community Complex in Narra and Maria Cristina Parks right next to the AAVA offices, which we are opposing. They also seem to be ‘fast-tracking’ it and plan to award the construction contract this Feb 4! The drawing, and bid timetable, is in the Jan 12-18, 2013 AAVA News.

This will significantly increase security, safety, and traffic concerns in our private residential subdivision. It will increase public (non-residents) access to our Village. It will also destroy our parks, cut down trees, damage our bird sanctuary, and further pollute our Village. Consequently, this could result in the depression of our property values.

On January 24, we sent AAVA a letter opposing the project and requesting for relevant documents. This letter was signed by some 180 concerned homeowners.

Given the urgency of the matter, we need as much support from Ayala Alabang homeowners  who believe in this cause. Should you wish to support, please:

  1. Sign on the space provided for below, and either:
    1. Call us at 8425854 or text us at 0919-9909878, indicating your address, so we can arrange to pick up this signed form from your home, or;
    2. Kindly drop off your signed form at # 104 Narra St., so you can also see for yourself the planned construction site within already congested Narra Park.
  2. E-mail your statement of support to apjctc@msn.com indicating your name(s) and address(es).

Thank you very much.



I/We oppose the proposed Barangay Community Center to be built in Narra and Ma. Cristina Parks.

Name(s)                                                              Address(es)                                                       Signature(s)


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