Your solutions on how to rid our areas of streetchildren

We asked our readers what they think the solution is to the many streetchildren in our community.

Here are their answers:


“No corruption, more jobs, affordable and quality education, family planning and also youth programs and donations and financial supporters are needed.”

“Pano kasi, di sila naghihigpit.” “Tama. Ang DSWD puro palabas ang pera. Kaya walang budget. Pag DPWH yan, laki ng budget. Para laki din kickback.”

“Local municipal should bring those kids sa DSWD.”

 “Proactivity in dealing with the problem is the solution.”

“madaming solution dyan, kung mag joint effort ang LP, Pque at Munti, magkaroon ng parang halfway house for them, tapos hanapin lang magulang nila…hanap ng permanent at mga volunteers na tutulong…sa dami ng mga nagsusulputan biz dito sa area, i dont think mahihirapan sa funds…(i think)”

“dapat talaga mabawasan na sila. nakakalat na lang talaga sa kalsada e. safety hazard.” Effective reinforcement of laws..

Bring the kids to DSWD like what Mr. Luigi Casimiro had said. If there is a possibility to talk to Rotary Club of Las Pinas, Paranaque, or Alabang it will be a big help since Rotary help in building a better community like in Makati and Pasay.

its true ksi nmn may budget ang govt. which they give s dswd….. to tell you frankly… before i complainted s dsdw ksi i saw an old lady s muntinlupa across lang ng dswd… asking for help when me n the old lady got to dswd alam niyo bang di nila iniintertain ung mga ganun….case which in fact un ang work nila….

tama ka dyan luigi, trabaho nila, di nila ginagawa…ano pa gagawin natin kung maging pro active…halfway house lang, tapos hanapin ang magulang…ang problema kasi, pag ang goverment, pag di tungkol kay arroyo cornona, di na nila pinapansin…

these kids are being used by their parents/pimp to earn money.. actually saw an older man call all the kids one evening and he collected all the coins from them and even took a t-shirt from a child that had been given to her…i wish i had a camera….sigh….

tama, pwede naman kasi…puro lang pasaway…nag kanya kanya goverment ng LP, PQUE, MUNTI…dats what I see…

i suggest na magkaroon sana ng FREE TUTORIAL CENTER sa mga streetchildrens.. ipaunawa naten sa kanila na importante ang EDUKASYON.. and don’t 4get to pray..

ilagy sa boys town or girls town .. para d na gumala at ng mkapag aral

gawin ng DSWD ang trabaho nila!!!

actually ndi lng nman tlga ang DSWD ang dapat gumawa nia. kundi lahat ng mga opisyales ng gobyerno.. dapat mag tulungan .. am i ryt? aq? gusto q maging teacher ng mga batang yan..

bat d kaya ang mga magulang nila ang bigyan ng counselling, minsan cla pa ang nagppush s anak nla lumaboy s kalye…kung wala nmn cla parents, let d DSWD to do thier job…

religous round up and policing by dswd and other local officials, HINDI DAPAT NINGAS KUGON!

parents must be made liable for the minors begging

these kids normally run away from drop-in centers. the anti-mendicancy law should be strictly enforced.

vasectomys and ligation

I think they should be reported to the DSWD. Even the rugby boys along Southland.

they should really round up these kids and detain them via DSWD or something similar. The police kasi just watch these kids

make the parents of the said streetchildren accountable


the rh bill.


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  1. Ace says:

    the street children are spills off from communities accommodated into the city for purposes of hakot voters by the city officials. in between elections, they’re on their own.. eyesore, traffic risk, mendicancy, and all — no need for the elected officials to mind them at all until a lure of empty promises again at the next elections.