Who is “Kuya Lake” Espeleta?

Here is a message or status update forwarded to Alabang Bulletin today:

Up to now, this candidate has not presented his legislative agenda or his views on pressing issues affecting the country. He must be reminded that a congressman’s job is not jut about projects like libreng sakay and libreng silya at mesa. If he thinks that’s all there is to it, then he should just run for councilor or barangay captain.

All Lake Espeleta has done is to erase the legitimate questions I have posted in his facebook account. He does not bother to reply and just ignores inquiries. IS this reflective of his inability to grasp national concerns or ignorance of issues? Does he know at all the job of a congressman? Or is he just after the title without knowing how to perform the job?

It seems that he is really not prepared for the job and that he is suited only for a lower local position.

From Brian O. Tung

We do not know if this is a demolition job or a real person airing his views and really interested to find out who Espeleta is. For those of you might know more about Espeleta, please share them here so that everyone may be informed about his projects and also his credentials. Upon checking his Facebook Fan Page, we found out that he is a councilor in the first district of Muntinlupa.

In his website, it says:

As a first term Councilor of the 1st District of the City of Muntinlupa, I humbly contributed the following successful projects which are continuously implemented despite the hardship and challenges in its funding. My background as a young entrepreneur drove me to be able to continuously and effectively manage the following projects to be of service to my constituents. With all humility, I honestly use all funds allocated for public service, and also use my own resources so as to bring public service to my constituents in both districts of Muntinlupa.

There. At least some info about the councilor.

Let’s all vote wisely!

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No Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Must be a demolition Job, for most politicians now there are alot of issues to address but their campaigns are geared towards political accomplishments rather than platforms or agenda’s, most of the residents of Muntinlupa are indeed tired of hearing promises that are half meant or not meant at all.

  2. Bryan O. Tung says:

    That is not a demolition job. I posted questions regarding his legislative in his Facebook site several times but he really never answered them. He just deleted them without any effort to respond.

    Those were legitimate questions which he needs to answer since he is a candidate. Take note that the quote above (which is exactly what I also posted in his FB site) does not tarnish his reputation with trumped up accusations or malicious stories.

    His website does not contain sufficient information that would address the questions raised in his FB site.

    I do hope he gives those questions some thought and give an answer since it would help the voters decide if he is worthy of our votes or not.

  3. alabanger says:

    I don’t know him actually or what he has done as a councilor. I am also not aware of what he will do as a congressman which is of national importance. His mentality is still of a councilor anchored on local parochial interest. I don’t this guy Espeleta is not fit to represent Muntinlupa as a congressman of Muntinlupa. The blogger is right he should remain as councilor and be elected as one in the next election.

  4. tunasanboy says:

    I attended one of the meetings of this Lake Espeleta, one thing which struck me is that all of his projects are from their personal funds to help his constituents. This is their way of giving back to the people of Muntinlupa, who has been good to them in supporting and patronizing their legitimate businesses. They came from humble beginnings and it seems that their family has a reputation of being very helpful, charitable and down to earth despite of their status. My point here is regardless of the so called legislative agenda, we have here an alternative with a clean heart and good and pure intentions that regardless of what legislative or national issue is at hand will surely decide based on his own values, conscience and listen to the voice of his constituents as the true representative of the people of Muntinlupa. A true Representative should listen first to his constituents, consult them of the issues at hand and decide accordingly.

  5. cupangnginamo says:

    Dyos ko naman sa tingin nyo pa ay kaya pa ng mga kandidato na sumagot sa kanilang facebook sa iksi ng kampanyahan. Panigurado e tauhan lang yan o kaya e administrator na nag mamantain nyan at di na alam ng kandidato ang mga nangyayari sa facebook nya. Si noynoy e nagkamali ang administrator ng facebook nya, nangyayari pa din talaga yun. Pero agree naman ako na dapat malaman ang mga plataporma ng isang kandidato, wala lang comment lang po !lol Bigyan nga natin itong kandidato na ito ng pagkakataon na masagot ito o baka naman nasasagot nya na sa mga rally, etc e wala lang tayo dun…… basta ako si JRF ang Mayor Ko!!!!!!