What’s inside your Go Bags? Check out what we put in ours.

Question. Do you have a “Go Bag”?

What is a Go Bag?

With the scary earthquake that happened yesterday, we just wanted to remind everyone about the importance of a Go Bag or an emergency bag that includes stuff you can use JUST IN CASE something really bad happens like when you get stuck somewhere or when electricity shuts down.

Photo from Bug Out Bag Builder

So we researched online and here are some items that you might want to include in your Go Bags:

1. Water
We can’t live without water. Okay, thanks to Maynilad, we’ve actually managed to sometimes but you know what we mean. It has been said that humans can survive several weeks without water. The recommended amount is at least two liters.

2. Bag
Oops, of course a very sturdy and handy bag is the first thing you’ll need. We suggest getting backpacks so they’re easy to transport and you can put a lot of items in it.

3. Pocket Knife
Think like a military man. A pocket knife has scissors, knife, bottle and can opener and a screw driver, among others. Very useful.

4. IDs
For obvious reasons, for people to identify you just in case you become unconscious or for your emergency contact person details.

5. Folder for Legal documents
You may put your birth certificate here or your land title or passbooks just in case your house gets damaged.

6. First Aid Kit
Include here medicine for your allergies or vitamins and of course if you have maintenance pills.

7. Cash
You’ll never know when you will run out or when the next time you’ll be able to withdraw money so better to have cash on you.

8. Flashlight
To guide your way in the dark and also to let rescuers know you are still alive under that rubble.

9. Wet Wipes or Tissue
For you know. For when there’s no water supply where you are.

10. Clothes
Just pack the basics. Maybe a pair of jeans, one comfortable shirt, one underwear, your basic toiletries (please include deodorant) and a towel which you can also use as a pillow if ever or a blanket.

11. Light snacks
Maybe crackers or a granola bar or candies just in case you experience lack of sugar. You can also get those pre-packed food that you just heat in hot water. Just enough to get you through several days if ever.

12. Whistle
Just so you can call attention to yourself jsut in case you get lost or stuck under a collapsed home or building.

13. Lighter or Match
This is for when you need to heat something like your food or water.

14. Portable Radio
So you know what is happening around you just in case your phone conks out on you already.

15. Powerbanks
To give you extra days on your mobile phone so you can use it to continuously get in touch with your loved ones.

16. Batteries
For your flashlights and radio.

17. Portable Stove
We all need to eat, of course. There are a lot of options for handy stoves now so make sure to get one so you won’t starve.

Of course, you yourselves know yourself the best so reflect on what you think you will be needing should an emergency arises.

Put the bag near your designated exit point/s in your house so you can easily pick it up when the need arises.

Take care out there, everyone!

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