What really happened to the BF “gate crasher”? A Barangay BF kagawad explains

Photo from Arleen Medina c/o We Are Determined to Make BF Better Facebook Page

Photo from Arleen Medina c/o We Are Determined to Make BF Better Facebook Page

You may have seen the photo (or photos).

A lot of netizens weighed in on the photo, saying this was caused by the driver being drunk or the car experiencing Sudden Unintended Acceleration and others even joking that the driver was mad because she wasn’t being allowed entry to her own village.

Photo from Arby Eusebio

Photo from Arby Eusebio

Read some of the comments below:

“Someone got real pissed off at the new homeowners association. He/she may have tried to burst through the gate.” – Antonio Imperial

“Ayaw siguro papasukin.” – Jessica Celine Balagtas

“Yan! Ayaw niyo kasi magpadaan. Hahaha.” -Chris Borja

“Sudden Unintended Stupidity.” – Jeric Angelo Martinez

“Mga mayayabang na gustong pumasok sa BF kahit walang sticker.” Chinx Flo

“SUA hehe.” – Bapbap Angelo Buknoy

“Lasing?” – Christine Agravante

And a lot more comments from the photo we posted on our Facebook Page Alabang Bulletin.

According to some people we talked to, none of those reasons above were actually what happened.

In an interview with Barangay BF kagawad Noel Azarcon, this was really an accident and not at all intentional.

“As I was told, the person who got into an accident was a 53-year-old woman who was trying to overtake but in the process hit a car and overshot–hitting the guard house,” said Azarcon.

He also added that the injured victims were taken to a nearby hospital by barangay personnel.

So there.

It wasn’t SUA. She wasn’t drunk. And she wasn’t doing it intentionally to get back at the homeowners association.

It was purely an accident.

Here’s to hoping that those injured are now all right and that situations like these don’t happen again.

Let’s all drive safely.

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