What is the Las Pinas Friendship Route? Find out everything about it here.

The Las Pinas City Hall recently posted the ordinance creating the Friendship Route on its website.

No announcements were made regarding extending the opening hours.

But perhaps it is to remind everyone that the original ordinance had the opening of the “shortcut” from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight (page 9).

Anyway, for whatever purpose they have, here is the complete ordinance on the participating streets comprising of the Friendship Route in Las Pinas.

Also, notably, there is no mention of the exemption of Friendship Route sticker owners in the number coding scheme.



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5 Responses

  1. cooldude says:

    CRM avenue in BF Almanza is included? How come vehicles with LP-FS are not allowed to enter/exit there?

    • BF Almanza Homeowners Association maintains that only their gates open to Friendship Route (from Pilar and form T.S. Cruz) are the entry and exit points.

  2. cooldude says:

    also, how come streets in TS Cruz Subd are not included on the list?

  3. mitch evangelista says:

    how come gatchalian subd, muyo 2 is not listed but is a friendship route. many are using this route going to sucat/c-5 ext and a lot don’t even follow traffic rules. residential pa din ang friendship route kaya ndi dapat mabilis magpatakbo.

  4. angel bishop says:

    it’s stated until 12 midnight,but how come they close the gates at 10 p.m.? also, isn’t the color coding scheme applicable to major roads?so if we are driving inside the villages,mmda will give us a ticket? i’m kinda confused here.