Water trouble in LP part of BF, fixed?

Clean water supply will be soon available to BF Homes Las Piñas residents including the Paranaque area after Maynilad and BF Homes Inc., agreed to a settlement brokered by Mayor Vergel ‘Nene’ Aguilar with the help of Senator Manny Villar.

The agreement ended several months’ stand-off over road diggings and pipelaying because of legal issue and residents of Las Piñas and Paranaque affected by the water problem can now heave a sigh of relief as the legal battle between Maynilad and BF Homes Inc. is now over.

The problem reached the attention of city hall when residents called on Mayor Aguilar to use his police power to facilitate entry of Maynilad services into BF Homes Las Piñas portion. But the mayor rejected the idea calling it absurd and illogical. Aguilar said it would be foolish for the city government to do something which was already been declared contrary to law and the Constitution, citing the same case in Paranaque that was swiftly struck down by the court as illegal.

Aguilar pointed out that it is always his desire to facilitate and broker a win-win solution to problems involving the best interest and welfare of the residents. In this particular case, he is happy that he has proven correct that the water services issue was resolved by striking a better deal among the stakeholders.

“I am a consensus builder and do things for the best interest and benefit of all, Aguilar said.”

Aguilar further explained that his administration for the past 15 years has always been consistent in protecting the interest and welfare of the city residents, earning for Las Piñas a reputation as one of the best managed cities in the country.

“I don’t want people to be denied of clean water and be burdened by a long court battle like what happened in BF Paranaque. I share the residents’ common dream of having a clean water supply denied from them for so long,” Aguilar said.

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  1. cornholio says:

    wala pa sa area namin. Kailangan talaga kasama panagalan ni Manny Villar e… tsk tsk. And I think this problem should have been addressed a long time ago. Been living in BF for the past 25 yrs and ngayon talaga nila ginawan nang paraan.

    • I agree. Talagang sinama pa nga pangalan ni Villar. I don’t know what his contribution is. This is a press release from the LP City Hall. Go figure.

      Hopefully, your area will be included in the repairs that are being done there inside BF. We see a lot of diggings.

  2. Are villagers being asked to shoulder the cost for the installation of the pipes and the diggings?

    • cornholio says:

      as far as i know, yes. But they claim that its much cheaper than what was charged to paranaque residents.

  3. Juan_Palaban says:

    Nothing new, Mr. Cornholio…im not even suprised the name was there in the news about water…ITS ELECTION TIME…HaHaHaHa…its really funny how candidates want publicity, as the saying goes, good or bad publicity, its still publicity…kulang nalang pinturahan ang kalsada ng mga names nila…

    Been living here in bf homes pque, lp or munti side, all the same, NO WATER…and worst of all, we have to pay sa diggings and mag babayad pa tayo monthly para sa water…para kang ginisa sa sariling mantika…it only shows meron mga tao na kumita dito…ive learned that pag mag connect ka ng water meter using normal terms is about 3k, but for us 6k or 7k…im speaking sa pque side ng BF, i dont know sa LP or Munti side. anyways, we all people need WATER, and it just shows us that we cannot expect anything from our goverment giving us basic needs. Taxpayers money, napupunta lang sa bulsa, sa kalsadang butas butas, at sa mga tarpuline…

    Hope this election would change all that, wag na manalo mga candidates na walang ginawa sa bayan kung di pahirapan lahat ng mamamayan…

  4. Dré says:

    What I want to know is the rates given to other sub villages in bf. From the way i see it, everybody is just speculating on that invisible rate everybody is comparing it to. Na kesyo mas mataas dito, mas mababa kaysa Jan — kaysa ano? What is that basis of THAT basic rate? How come others are higher (or lower) than ours? Ours at northwest is around 7k for excavation fee for contractor 23k for pipe laying cost (payable in 48 mos) 7k connection charge (payable in 6 mos). And I dint think monthly bill isn’t included here.

    • Those are hefty amounts, my friend. And yeah, how were the rates determined? Is this perhaps the deal that Mayor Aguilar made between Maynilad and BFHI that’s why the developer is allowing Maynilad to dig on the roads?

  5. anna says:

    in how many year na wla kaming tubig sa BF Homes
    sabihin na lang natin na 25 years na….. now lang palang ginawa yan kung kailn na lots of resident thier na lumipat na lang kase sa kawalan ng tubig sa area na yan tapos kinakialangan pa sila ng tumawag ng ******* para pikita sikat ba /?????? un lang