Warning to all jeepney riders in Alabang-Zapote Road

A Facebook friend messaged us and wanted us to warn our other friends and readers about three alleged holdpapers riding jeepneys from the Madrigal Business Park part of Alabang-Zapote Road until Alabang Town Center.

According to the reader, the group usually operates in three. With all of them having a Scorpion tattoo.

“The last time we encountered them they had a long sharp object wrapped in black rubber,” narrated the concerned reader, as he asked us to warn our readers and hopefully inform the authorities in the area.

For all our readers and those who have friends who regularly commute in the area mentioned above, please be vigilant when riding jeeps and also be aware of the people around you.

Feel free to go down the jeepney if you suspect that something fishy is happening or if you see suspicious-looking riders.

Remember, it’s just P8.00 compared to your other more valuable stuff and your life.

Please share this to all your friends who ride jeepneys. We’re sure it just doesn’t happen in the area mentioned above.

Extreme vigilance and awareness.


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1 Response

  1. Gela says:

    Thanks for this! Already shared on fb 🙂