WARNING: Tire-slashing modus in Daang Hari

This is a warning to all lady drivers in the south.

This happened to a female southie just last January 26, 2015.

Be careful everyone.

Please read their story:

“Last night on our way home to parañaque from cavite my sister and I got ambushed in daang hari around 11pm. We were driving in convoy when suddenly while we were waiting for the green light I saw 3 men go at her car from behind..when i saw someone kneeled beside one of her tires I started honking at them..they probably didnt know that we were together so they got startled at first then they started going to my direction..good thing my sister took the cue of my honking like crazy to drive off and I did the same. Then she called me saying it feels like something is wrong with her tires so I told her to still continue driving and to not stop till we reach a gas station or at least a well lit area coz well never know if those guys has companions along the road waiting for the car to breakdown. When we got to petron we found out that apparently her tires was sabotaged with god knows what.”

Photos from Jhune Almonte

Photos from victim’s Facebook account

“so to the people out there and most especially to the lady drivers please be very very careful. My sisters car was not tinted so most probably the guys think it would be easier for them to do what they were planning to do bec the driver was a woman. We need to be always alert also we always need to make sure that car doors are locked at all times.”

According to the victim, the stop light was not exactly at Daang Hari but was the road leading to Daang Hari.

“I don’t know what the street was called but it was the short cut we always take when we come from La Salle,” she said, adding that it was the road connecting Daang Hari to Molino.


Regardless of where this happened, this is still alarming. If the police in the area cannot protect us from criminals like those above, we should just be more vigilant of our surroundings so this will not happen to us and our loved ones.

Please share to all your friends.


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1 Response

  1. Markus says:

    Just noticed something: the FRONT tire is being repaired.
    Was the driver of the car in a coma? As a driver, I would definitely notice if anyone was anywhere near the front of the car. Because, you know, situational awareness.

    From the article: “I saw 3 men go at her car from behind.”

    So . . . they approached the car from behind . . . then put on their invisibility cloaks . . . then totally ignored the rear tires . . . so they can mess with the front tires?

    Also, pic of the tire is typical of blowouts from retreads and/or bald tires (just look at the tread on the tire, left pic), NOT what is typical of a car running on slashed tires.
    If they dumped acid or a similar corrosive fluid on the tires, it would show up splashed on the fenders. Tires are pretty damn resistant to corrosive liquids and anything strong enough to eat through rubber would probably melt the paint off the fenders.
    Also, any fluid on the tire would not affect the tread (road dirt and dust would pretty much remove it; remember, the car drove off and continued doing so until they got to a service station) supporting the retread/zero tread blowout scenario. The tire tread on the pic above is pretty much non-existent.
    So unless they misplaced their priorities and got the car washed BEFORE getting the flat fixed . . . um, yeah.

    If the picture isn’t relevant . . . why was it used with the article? For “flavor” or “interest”? A supposedly serious article with a totally unrelated picture would not only be misleading, but would be outright lying.

    I’m calling shenanigans and fearmongering on this. Also, misleading title. Dear writer, brush up a little bit more on, you know, logic and the scientific method and writing skills.

    Search string: slashed tire

    (Note how, except for pics identical to the pics used above, tires that have actually been slashed all have the tread on them.)

    Search string: retread blowout

    (Note how, while the images are diverse, there are some that have the retread blown completely off the old tire, leaving it smooth.)

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